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  • January 16, 2014 4:32 PM
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    At last night's meeting, a few people asked me for recipes using spent grains, beer and dog biscuits! I'm sure Lindsay and others have more recipes. 

    it doesn't appear that I can upload files to this notice. If you want any of the recipes listed below w/o links, email me and I'll send to you (schwartzbeer@gmail.com). I found most of my recipes on line. I've pretty much used beer or spent grain in everything: chocolate truffles to handmade soap, baked goods to entire meals (it would make Sean Paxton proud). Tom Brohamer posted his delicious recipe for hop creme brûlée to this forum.

    If you dry the spent grain, and mill it to flour, you can use it in any recipe for whole grain flour. It won't have the protein content of whole wheat, so you may consider adding in some high gluten flour (I think no more than 10% of total flour). More on drying wet spent grain in the article in Growler Magazine. I have used wet spent grain in breads; it yields a more European style dense dough and you have to reduce other fluids in the recipe accordingly.

    spent grain pretzel bites
    Deschutes Brewery pretzels, using spent grain (lots of other Deschutes recipes on this page)
    spent grain wheat bread (2 variations, one for a bread machine)
    Swedish rye

    another one from Fuzzy Brew (with how-to-mix pictures)

    Check out The Homebrew Chef, for really outrageous ideas of cooking with beer.

    Have fun, 

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