Why Join the AHA?

American Homebrewers Association 

Multiple Reasons:

  • AHA Member only savings at various places around the US! Including some places in Central Oregon.
  • Access to the Zymurgy Magazine!
  • Access to award winning recipes which you can use as a starting point for your own recipes!
  • Access to expert advice via online forums, tutorials, online seminars, etc.
  • Access to exclusive member events, such as the famous, annual Homebrew Con!

COHO Specific Benefits:

  • $5 discount off your annual membership when you use the discount code below.
  • COHO also gets a $5 kick-back from AHA when you use the discount code below.
  • COHO can get their annual insurance premium reimbursed if 75% of active COHO members are also active AHA members.

Use the link below, along with the discount code, to join or renew your AHA membership

AHA New Membership or Renewal Discount Code: COHO

The AHA partners with a company called West's Insurance Agency to offer homebrew clubs a discounted, liability coverage policy to protect homebrew clubs in the case of an unfortunate event. In addition to this discounted offering, AHA will reimburse homebrew clubs that have at least 75% of their active club members, also signed up as active AHA members. For the amount of active COHO members in 2022, that could have been a savings of almost $500! To ensure your AHA membership is properly linked with COHO, be sure to log into your AHA account and update your Club Affiliations making sure "Central Oregon Homebrewing Organization (COHO)" is one of your four possible club affiliations. Link below for more info.


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