BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines will be used for 2024 COHO BJCP Club Competitions

Beer Style

BJCP Style #

Beer Submission Date

Suggested Brew Months

Standard & Specialty Cider & Perry (Cat C1,C2)

C1 A,B,C,D,E

C2 A,B,C,D,E,F

March 2nd 2024


Strong European Beer (Cat 9)

9 A,B,C 

May 4th 2024



Mega Michelada Challenge *2

None (Challenge rules and guide attached here)

River Float (July)


Hazy IPAs (Cat 21C)


Aug 3rd 2024


Legends of Craft Beer Challenge *1

18 B

Oct 5th 2024


*1 - This is a Best Skilled Brewer Challenge. Entrants will get a set of ingredients (details will follow) and be given the same recipe. One documented ingredient  exception is allowed you can change either 1) Yeast or 2) Specialty Grains. Everything else must be the same (e.g. – tap water, base malts, hops, etc.).  

*2 – Mega Michelada Challenge  - Fun event that will be judged at our Summer River Float. Brew a simple lager/ale and add spicy/citrus flavors . Mexican Summer Beer Cocktail. No BJCP Category - People’s Choice Voting only with 1 extra point for best named entry.

To Enter: Deliver two (2) 12oz bottles and two (2) 22oz bottles of your beer to Pete Ostner or Bobby Guzman (contact info is in club newsletters) and pay the $5 entry fee either directly  or to the club via PayPal (contact Bobby Guzman for information). Please attach BJCP bottle ID form to each bottle with a rubber band, NOT tape. Please also submit BJCP recipe/entry form. Thank you!

Current Standings

First Quarter Club Competition Results

Second Quarter Club Competition Results

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