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  • January 07, 2018 10:49 AM
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    This is a simple-to-brew lager. I modified a recipe called "Sitzung Helles"  from Jon Permen, winner of light lager comp at National Homebrew comp. It exceeded my expectations. I used Lallemand, Diamond lager yeast, because of high cell count, low cost and fast ferment.

    Batch size- 10 gal

    Boil time 60 min

    Step temp. 154F at 60 min. No mash out.

    10 pounds. Ger. Pilsner Malt

    6 pounds American Pale Malt two row

    10.4 oz Munich Malt

    3.5 oz Biscuit Malt

    3.5 oz Melanoiden Malt

    .5 pound Acidulated malt. (If needed)

    2 Pkg. Lallemand Diamond lager yeast. Rehydrated per website. I added a little DME instead of "aliquots of wort". Cooled to be close to ferment temp for pitching. Ferment at 52F.  I did a diacetyl rest for a few days at 65F after ferment slowed and started to flocculate. Kegged for lagering after 14 days. Lagered in garage @ about 40 degrees. This beer was good after 3 weeks, better in 4 and first keg gone in 5.

    3 oz Spalter Select Hops-3.5% - boil 60 min.  (a Hallertau hybrid from Puterbaugh in Yakima)

    3 oz Spalter Select- steep/whirlpool for 15 min.

    O.G. 1.049 measured and predicted by BeerSmith  F.G. 1.014, measured and predicted by Beersmith

    Let me know if you try this.  Steve Morgan

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