Brewing with old cracked grain

  • December 09, 2017 9:13 AM
    Message # 5621696

    Nine months ago Denise and I were prepairing to brew an IPA , we purchased the ground up grains and took them home in an used paper grain bag the Brew shop had laying around. During this time we had our house on the market with not much spare time to brew. We planned to brew one day last Febuary/March but had to cancel and start prepairing to move. So the crushed grain went with our move and sadly sat it our garage for several months, asking around I wanted to know if the crused grain would still be brewable or not, getting mixed answers. I decided to finally used the old crushed grain on our new electric system. I'm happy to report the outcome was very good hitting my target gravity with at least 75% efficiency. Just wanted to share this outcome with you all. We shall see after fermentation if there are any resulting off flavors. Cheers!

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